Fun in the flooded streets

 Everytime I start a blog and look to see when I posted last, I can't believe it has been so long.  Time really does fly!! I thought I would share my Monday afternoon with you.  I had to go to our area commune chief's building in order to get a verification that I were living at our address.  I had to have this to get a new driver's license.   I decided to walk over there (about a kilometer).  I got my paper with no problems. After that, I was going to walk to the store and then back home.  However, I started walking to the store and it started pouring rain with high winds.  Very hard and very fast.  I ducked into an apartment building to wait out the rain. After an hour, I decided that it wasn't going to stop and I would just call a PassApp tuktuk (like using Uber).  But after 5 drivers declined, I realized that no one was going to drive in this.  I decided to walk home. Immediately, I found out why no drivers came.  The water started out just under my knees. It was st

I'm free!!!

 I have now been out of quarantine for over a week.  It is so great to walk around the streets and eat food that you want to eat! Rich is almost halfway through teaching the book of Matthew at the school.  He will give the midterm either Friday of this week or Monday of next week. He started preaching a series on the book of Philippians on Sundays. As for covid and restrictions, we still are not able to meet with our Christian brothers and sisters.  It is nice to have the avenue of meeting online, but it still isn't the same as actually meeting together. I do have to tell you that a few days after I got out of quarantine in Thailand, they changed the rules to be only one week instead of 15 days.  Then, a few days after I got out of 2 weeks of quarantine here in Phnom Penh, they also changed to one week!!!  I couldn't believe it! Now, Bangkok has just issued a statement that we can travel there with only one night in a quarantine hotel (until the covid test results come back). 

Ronda's medical results

 Since there are many of you asking about my medical results, I thought it would be easier to update you here. I just got back from the doctor.  I got the expected news that my diagnosis of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia(CLL) is confirmed.   The good news is that my counts aren't bad enough yet to have to have treatments.   I will have bloodwork done every 3 months.  I did have additional bloodwork done today that will tell us which type of CLL I have (which will indicate how quickly it will likely spread and which treatments are best).  Those results will not be in for awhile. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all your prayers, love, thoughts for me!  I am indeed greatly blessed! I am to fly to Phnom Penh on Saturday (unless I can get an earlier flight).  I'll quarantine there for 2 weeks and then I GET TO GO HOME! Much love, Ronda  Just a couple side blessings from God:   1.  We rented a car in the US since we had to stay longer for because we tested positive for Covid. 

Quarantine #1

 Rich is home, in Phnom Penh, and just finished his class on Psalms at the school.  Today, he started a class on Sermon Preparation.   The first week of October is the Pchum Ben holiday and school will be out for that week.  Please pray for our students as they are on the roads and at home; that they might be a glory to God and show guide many people toward the Lord. So far, even though Thailand and Vietnam are relaxing some of their restriction, Cambodia hasn't followed suit.   Most of you know that I am in Bangkok, Thailand in order to see the doctor.  There is a mandatory quarantine of 15 days here.  I am on day #12.  Downhill slide!  Actually, I keep thinking that this must be what rich people do - just sit around and call for people to deliver things to you.  😀 I am getting a bit bored, but it really isn't too bad.  My floor space is 15 steps, including the bathroom.  I laughed thinking that if a person was very large, that they would have trouble getting in and out of th

Quick Update

 For those of you who don't already know, Rich and I were supposed to fly back to Asia on July 28th.  However, we both got Covid and therefore couldn't fly. On Wednesday, August 11th, Rich was able to fly to Cambodia.  He is in quarantine for 15 days. As I was writing this, he called me on Messenger and said that he just got his Covid test done (it is Thursday morning there).  He will get the results on Friday or Saturday and, provided it is negative, he will be able to go home.  He is TIRED of being in one room 24/7. We had been told that some people test positive for up to 3 months after having Covid.  Due to my other medical issues, we figured that it would take me longer to get a negative result.  However, we both received negative results on the rapid test on August 4th.  I am going to Thailand to see the doctor and their requirements to get into the country are more detailed (and take longer to complete before traveling), so I planned to fly out on August 25th. However, o

Change of plans

 We have had a great time in the US!!!  We have enjoyed seeing our kids and their families.  I got to be here when Lily Rose Dolan was born to Reuben and Emily.  We've seen so many of our friends.  We've been blessed. But, now we have Covid.  We were vaccinated while we were in Virginia.  Our sons, Randall and Reuben also have it.  We were supposed to fly out on Wednesday, the 28th.  But since we both still have positive results, we are going to have to push those dates back.  Like I told many of you, the restrictions of getting into Thailand and Cambodia is a hassle; and now we have to start all over with those requirements.  Please pray that we will 1)get negative Covid results soon; 2)can smoothly fulfill all the requirements for entry.   Below is our family - minus Reuben's wife, Emily and new baby, Lily.  It is always a sweet gift to get to spend time with our family. Thank you for your love and prayers.  Again, we have enjoyed getting to visit with many of you; you ar

We are free!

I'm sorry that I haven't written.  I'm been so busy trying to get everything lined up for our US trip that I totally forgot to blog. We are now free to move about the city!!  Most of Phnom Penh is now in "Yellow Zone" meaning that we can pretty much go back to normal.  Still no dine in places and we still have to wear masks or shields outside of the house, but we can otherwise do like normal. These first 2 pictures I took from our roof.  Rain!!!  Let me tell you, after several months of hot, dry season, the rains are exciting!  It is still very hot (currently the heat index is 110 F and the humidity is about 60%) but at least we get a "cooling off" occasionally. The neighborhood markets are still not open.  I put up some pictures on our last blog of the sellers, but here are some more. I hope you can see the slabs of pork on the back on the motorcycle and then the pig legs handing off the next cart.  I woke up one morning to fish all across the from of o