We are coming!

 First, let me tell you about the voting last week.  Voting is always done on a Sunday.  So the prime minister gives the Saturday before and the Monday after for travel dates.   This election was only for the commune leaders.  And actually, instead of voting for people, they vote for the party and then the party selects the people.  The national election is in another year. It reminds me a lot of Joseph and Mary, when they went to register in Bethlehem when Jesus was born.  Here, everyone goes back to their villages to vote.  You can get your registration moved to where you are currently living, but that takes some work (and probably money), so the majority of the people that I know just stay registered in their birthplace.  For example, one of our Christian couples has been living in Phnom Penh probably since we have been here (15 years).  They met here in Phnom Penh but they are from 2 different villages.  So they each had to make their way back to their own villages.   Many of our s

April and May Happenings

 I am constantly amazed at how much time has passed since I last blogged.  I'm sorry that I am not more consistent. At the school, Rich is currently teaching the older student a course on Biblical Interpretations.  Khemrin is teaching the newer student Old Testament History I.  We did just get a new student last week, making a total of 20 students.  Due to my parents not being able, due to covid restrictions, to travel over to our side of the world for a second year, Rich very kindly suggested that I go visit them in Alaska.  So in April, I got to spend 2 weeks with them.  Did you know that Alaska is COLD!!!  Especially since here in Cambodia, we are in our hottest time of the year.  I had a great time!   I got home on Tuesday, May 3rd and Reuben came on Thursday, May 5th!!!  He came for Mother's Day.  How great is that!!!  We was only here a week, but we so appreciate Emily and the kids letting him be gone.  It was wonderful. (And no, I didn't get any pictures.  I was just

International Women's Day and Greg Fleming was here

Every year, the BEST Center (the dorm that my sister, Julie, runs) hosts a seminar on International Women's Day. This year, Rich and I taught a Marriage Seminar.   We had three 45 minute classes.  The first one was everyone together.  There were so many people that some had to sit upstairs and watch on a monitor. The 2nd and 3rd classes were split; Rich teaching the men and I taught the women. This is my class.   Including the 20 children, we had about 170 people attending.  There were groups from Siem Reap, Battambang, as well as both congregations in Phnom Penh. This is the children's class that Julie taught so that their parents could listen to the lessons. I thought you might like to see this.  They are loading in the back of this pickup for an approximately 6 -7 hour drive back to Siem Reap.  They left Siem Reap early Monday morning and then drove back after the seminar on Tuesday afternoon. It is always great to get together with our brothers and sisters.  But it was espe
  Graduation 2022 – Finally!! Covid has brought many changes and delays. I think we’re learning patience. One delay for us was we kept having to postpone the graduation for Lek and Thai. It was supposed to be in February, 2021.   It finally happened in February, 2022. Ith Voleak (whom we call Lek),  is on the right above.  He started CBI in October 2016.   He struggled some as a student, sometimes was a little lazy and then got into some trouble and temptations.   I almost kicked him out of CBI.   It was a judgment call, but he really seemed to have had a change of heart. It was the right call.   Lek became a great student. He really knows the word and believes it and it shows.   Five current students are at CBI because of Lek and his influence.   He currently is working as an intern with the University congregation while finishing up a marketing degree.   Both of those roles will end in May.    Lek actually finished his classes in May of 2020, but wanted to wait to graduate with

Women's Night

Happy Chinese New Year!  Most of you might not even know it is Chinese New Year.  There are a lot of Chinese descendants here, so anyone with even a small part Chinese celebrates.  It is not technically a holiday here, but there are a lot of shops that are closed.  And also a LOT of karioke singing in front of houses...not good singing, just loud. These are some pictures of our Women's Night that we had in January.  In Cambodia, churches have only been allowed to meet since October or November.  So that stopped our Women's meetings as well. We had Women from the 2 different congregations that we attend.  We had 32 people, that included 4 girls. Since we haven't been able to meet in person and both our school, CBI, and the BEST Center, where my sister runs a dorm, have new students, I decided to have a Bunco night.  That lets everyone move around in different groups and get to know one another. This is the group!  So many sweet souls that I wish you all could know. Rich is t

New Year's Fellowship

On Thursday morning, Dec. 30th we drove to Battambang Province for the New Years Fellowhip.   Several of our students are from Battambang Province, but from different villages. We stopped at Jenthra's house for lunch on the way. These 2 pictures are at her house. Not all of our students could come as some had university classes that they couldn't miss. (Just a note, on the way home, we stopped at 5 of our students houses to drop them off for a couple days with their families.  It ended up taking 10 hours to get home.  It is 250 kilometers/155 miles.  The roads were pretty much terrible and our A/C in the truck went out.  So lots of dirt and dust.  Thankfully, it wasn't too hot. The shower at home felt really nice!) Then at supper time, we drove on to Sokun's house in another village in Battambang Province.  Sokun graduated from CBI ten years ago and he and Soklee do a great job in their village. Sokun is very active in the community and has been able to reach many peopl

Our Thanksgiving and Christmas

We hope that you all had wonderful holidays!   Of course, Thanksgiving isn't a holiday here and we had school like normal.  But that evening, the BEST Center, the dorm my sister runs, had a Thanksgiving Fellowship.  As we are just beginning to meet back together, this was very exciting.   The meal - hot dogs on white bread with corn on the cob and fruit.   We sang afterward and this is part of the group.  I have a friend in Ohio who, for the 2nd year, sent money for our students and staff to have a Christmas meal. It is very much appreciated!  We went to a BBQ place.  Not like our BBQ at all.  They have big tubs of raw meat of all kinds plus vegetables.  On the tables are both grills and boiling pots of water.  It is a buffet and you go get what you want and grill it or boil it yourself.  Our students love it! For dessert, there is fruit. These are pictures of our students having a terrific meal and fun evening. This is our group before we left to go eat.  We currently have 2 stude