We have had a lot of rain here lately that has caused flooding.  When it rains hard and for a long time, the water doesn't have time to drain.  Then put days of that type of weather together and we have a lot of flooded streets.One of the major problems is that this flooding is happening at a time that the trash collectors are on strike.  Not a good combination.This picture is of our road.  If you can look past the wires, you can see the water in the road.  However, our street drains pretty well after a few hours. We have not had any problems with water in the house. However, the road that CBI is on isn't as good.  Last Sunday, when we met with the church at CBI, the water was over my knees.  By Monday morning, it was just below my knees.This picture was taken this morning while we were walking to the school from our house.  Right in front of the school is where it is the deepest.  
Thankfully, the school area itself is built up, so as you can see, the water is inside of the gat…

Rejoice with us!!!

You have 2 new sisters and a new brother!  3 of our students were baptized on Sunday night.  It was raining, the street was flooded, and it was the most beautiful night!  Gimson was baptized by Khemrin.  
Phanit was baptized by Lek.

And Sraynich was baptized by Lek.  Lek and Sraynich are cousins.  When she gave a devotional talk with the girls, she mentioned what a good example Lek was.  She talked about how he used to do the things of the world, but then he came to CBI, learned about Jesus and now he lives his life in a totally different way.Lek has already graduated (although we having had his ceremony yet; we are waiting until Bunthai also gets finished).  He is pretty quiet and not a big speaker; but obviously he been a wonderful example of how Jesus should change your life.
Please keep these 3 in your prayers as they begin their walk with the Lord. Sophannmai (Mai for short) has asked a lot of questions for awhile now.  She was baptized when she was very young and has just been quest…

A nice break

Rich gave his final on Thursday, Sept 10th at CBI.  As the next week is one of the major holidays here in Cambodia, we had a some time to relax at the beach.  This first picture is from the beach area looking north.  Probably only about 2 of those tall buildings were there 2 1/2 years ago.  The Chinese came in (the government sold the land to them) and set up casinos.  However, now the laws have been changed and there is no online gambling, so many of these buildings are sitting empty and/or half built.  It has been really difficult on the Khmers that live here.  

But as much as people mess up the land, we were able to enjoy God's handiwork in the sunsets.  Since there are no tourist visas being given now, there are...yes, you guessed tourists!  Which is really nice for us.  (Not good for the Khmers however).We got to enjoy several days on the beach, just relaxing, swimming and watching the storms roll in.
This is the beach area that Rich and I walked down every morning.  
I …

Bunthai is baptized!

Friday at noon, we got to watch the old Bunthai be buried and a new Bunthai raised.He has been at CBI for 3 years.  He kept telling us he wanted to know more and be sure.  We are so thrilled that he made this decision.I wish you all could hear him teach.  He is a very good teacher.  Please keep him in your prayers as he begins his life with the Lord.  Please also pray for him to have guidance and wisdom as he decides about his occupation and life after finishing at CBI.The last picture is the group that was there to witness his new birth.
Much love,Ronda

Woohoo!!! A new brother!

We had a poor start to our Monday, August 3rd.  When Rich got up, he decided to cook some eggs for breakfast...we were out of cooking gas.  So he had cereal instead (which is WAY more delicious!)

Then on our short walk to school, right before we got there, a man on a motorcycle tried to steal my Bible.  Rich was walking on the outside and I was in the inside.  The man, dressed in all black with black helmet, came up slowly and squeezed between me and the wall and pulled at the top of my Bible that I was carrying in front of me.  Thankfully, I had a good grip and he didn't get it. (If I thought he would have read it, I'd let him have it.  But since it would have probably ended up on the side of the road, it is far more valuable to me.)  My Bible was in a Bible cover so he wouldn't have known that it was a book and I didn't have any money.
BUT, Monday got so much better when Sonah (pronounced Soknah) decided he wanted to be baptized.  He has been asking great questions for…

Almonds Mixed Anchovy

Hello!  I hope you all are doing well.

I just wanted to update you a bit.  But first, a couple funny things I saw.

These Almonds Mixed Anchovy are "Buy 1 Get 1".  Is it any wonder??  And no, I didn't buy them even if they are on sale.

 Because our plumbing pipes are small here, you don't flush the toilet paper down the toilet in many public restrooms.  Most of those bathrooms have some kind of sign making sure that you don't flush any paper.

I always appreciate those with a little more creativity!
I took this picture of part of our students.  It was during chapel; and you can only see about half of the students.

To update you, Rich is teaching a class called Major Biblical Doctrines.  It is primarily about helping them understand God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit.

Lek has now finished his studies.  Bunthai has just a few more classes to go.  Rich plans to wait until Bunthai can graduate to have a graduation ceremony.

There is still no mail running …

Sweet Sister Tee is Meeting Jesus

I wrote a blog yesterday but wasn't really pleased with how it sounded so I didn't post it yet. 
This morning, we got the call that Tee, Veasna's mother, died.  If you remember, Veasna is the man who worked with Rich at CBI since December 2012.   Just about a year ago, he moved to the village of his in-laws.
Veasna converted his mother about 10 years ago.  She was a sweet lady.  Tee has not been in good health for several years.  She had diabetes as well as some heart issues.  About two years ago, they told her that the only way they could really help her was to "exchange her blood" (dialysis).  The family opted not to do that.  She had gone blind as well as deaf and had difficulty getting around at all.  But even with all of that, she loved getting to come worship with the church family on Sundays.  And now, she is seeing Jesus' face (can you image how incredibly awesome that must be!!)

I thought you might be interested in the process here.  As Tee's o…