Tuesday, February 20, 2018

John and Alex' trip continued; Loren and Penny Hollingsworth

 I am sorry that I am so late with this!  (I say that a lot, right??)

Let me wrap up the time that John Ward and Alex Mills from Batesville, Arkansas were here.

This is a picture of Alex teaching Wednesday Bible class with James Lork, the preacher translating.
 Rich took Alex and John to several of the villages where are graduates are out teaching and preaching.

This is the children's class in Borey's village. 
 And a picture of the children all together. 

Rich didn't get many pictures while they were in the villages but I wanted you to see a few.
 The last day that Alex and John were here, John lead the devotional talk at chapel.  Every morning (M-F) we start the day at the school with a chapel time; singing, praying and a short lesson. 

I hope they were uplifted and encouraged after being here.  It was wonderful to have them come from the North Heights congregation in Batesville to see the school and the fruits from the support that the congregation there has given for many years.
This is Rich with Sokun.  He is one of our graduates that is working with Soklee in Battambang province.  Alex and John were able to spend a few hours there in his village.

 For the month of February every year, my parents, Loren and Penny Hollingsworth come.  Dad teaches in the school.

This year, Dad is teaching Mark in the mornings at CBI and Rich is teaching Philippians (he taught I, II, and III John for the first 2 weeks of February) in the afternoons.

It is always great to have them here.  We try to enjoy the time as much as possible.  Dad is 81 years old and Mom will be 80 next month.  We don't know how much longer they can and/or want to make this trip every year.

After being missionaries in Thailand for 33 years, they now spend April though October in Palmer, Alaska.  Dad teaches/ preaches all over Alaska and frequently teaches at the Lectureships there. 

November 1st, they come back to Thailand.  Because of visas, they can be there for 3 months.  They spend those 3 months travelling all over the country teaching.  Then they come to Cambodia in February.  They go back to Thailand for another month (March), as you are allowed in Thailand without a visa for 30 days.  Dad will be teaching Romans 1-11 in Chiang Mai.  Their schedule is exhausting!  They both are tireless workers for the Lord and I am so grateful for their example.

Please keep them in your prayers as they travel and teach.  That they might have wisdom and strength.
Sunday,we were blessed to have Kimsrauv and Kimsrun with us from their village.

They are both graduates of CBI (along with 2 more brothers) and are working in their home village.

Please continue to pray for the work here. 
Pray for us that we use God's wisdom to best serve God and the people of this country.
Pray for our graduates that are out teaching; that they can be strong and stand against difficulties, and continue to grow in their faither as well.
Pray for the Christians here, that they may grow closer to God each day and walk with Him.
Pray for the lost souls here.  Pray that we see the open doors that God has placed in our paths and find those receptive hearts.

Much love,

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Scott Keele, Jerry Lundy, John Ward and Alex Mills are here!

 On January 6th, Scott Keele and Jerry Lundy from Broken Arrow, OK arrived.

This is Scott's 5th trip and Jerry's 2nd.
This picture is of Jerry teaching chapel on morning and Rich translating.

Scott taught James in the mornings to our students, while Jerry taught I and II Peter in the afternoons. Veasna translated for both of them.  (I always forget to get pictures of them teaching their classes!  Sorry!)

On January 10th, John Ward and Alex Mills from the North Heights congregation in Batesville, Arkansas arrived.  This is the first trip to Cambodia for both of them.

As Jerry, John and Alex had never been to Siem Reap, we made a quick trip to see the temples there on Saturday, the 13th.

Alex and John are showing you how steep the original stairways were at Angkor Wat.  This stairway that they are standing beside it quite tall as you can see in the next picture.

This is at the top of the inner temple area at Angkor Wat.  These are the stairs that we walked up and down and they are quite steep...but the original ones underneath are steeper still.

 But we did make it down as you can see.

I hope you can see from this angle the difference of the wooden stairs that they are coming down and the stone steps that are about 5 feet in.  I can't imagine trying to go up and down those stairs carrying things - and no railing!

We made new friends.  (Monkey on the ground)

And took the required Angkor Wat reflection picture with Alex and John.

We had an unbelievably nice day.  Not hot at all.

Jerry and Scott posing for me since I didn't get many picture of them.

John and Alex at the Elephant Terrace.

I failed to get any pictures of the at Bayon Temple or TaPhrom Temple.

This is how we got around town.  That is Rich, Jerry and Scott in their tuktuk.

Jerry decided to try out the fish.  No, not eating the fish, but letting them eat on you.

All over Siem Reap there are places that you can put your feet in the tank and let the fish nibble off the dead skin from your feet.  And they have some teeth.  You'll have to ask Jerry (if you know him) how that felt.
 On Sunday morning, we worshipped with the Siem Reap congregation.  Alex preached there.

On Tuesday, Rich took Alex and John to 3 villages to see some of our graduates working in their villages, while Scott and Jerry continued teaching at CBI.

Wednesday night, Alex gave the lesson at the Phnom Penh congregation.

Thursday, Rich took Alex and John to Borey's village, another one of our graduates.
Thursday night, we had our normal singing at the BEST Center.

Friday, Scott gave his final in James and Jerry gave his final in I and II Peter to our students.

Saturday night, Scott Keele and Jerry Lundy left to fly back to Broken Arrow.  We enjoyed their visit and appreciate their willingness and ability to come and teach here.  We also appreciate all of you who are partners with them and us through your prayers and support.

Much love,

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Starting off 2018 with a bang!

 Actually we had 2 baptisms on Sunday, December 31st. 

This is Lemaing and Sraynij.  Lemaing is the nephew of Navy, who is Tawn's widow (for those who have followed us all those years) and who keeps the books for the school.  He is 15 years old.  He lives with Navy.  His mom lives in Pursat and has 3 other children. 

Sraynij is the daughter of James Lork, the preacher at the Phnom Penh congregation.  She is also 15 years old.

Please keep these 2 in your prayers; that they will keep God in their hearts and walk with Him daily.
 January 4th and 5th, we had graduate meetings.

This is a picture of one of the 2 tables at lunch.
We always enjoy getting to see some of our graduates that come back.  And it is an encouragement to listen to the preach and hear how they have grown spiritually. 

The theme was Parables of Jesus.

This is Piset

Also teaching were Kakada, Sophea, and Sokorn.

 Friday night, we have a party and play Bunco.  This is the group that was able to stay and play.  There were  a couple who couldn't make it or had to get back to their villages.

It's just great to get to spend time with our "kids".
 Scott Keele and Jerry Lundy got in Saturday, Jan 6th. 

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, Jerry got a bug and did NOT have an enjoyable Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Sunday afternoon we (minus Jerry who stayed in bed) loaded up and went to the countryside for Borey and Phany's wedding.  Borey is one of our graduates.

Borey is not in this picture, but Phany is.  This is a group of us from Phnom Penh.
 Please pray that Borey and Phany will lives their lives to God's glory and be examples of how Christians should live and what a Christian marriage should be like to those around them.
 The "billboard" behind them is 2 huge pictures of them with scriptures on marriage at the bottom.
 As with all weddings here, everyone is fed.  Here is a picture of the food. 

This is Piset and Dara.  They both work at the BEST Center and are members of the University Church of Christ.
On top of water and coke, we were given this soybean drink. It is 100% soybeans with no other ingredients.  It looks like a slightly yellower skim milk and is slightly sweet.  It wasn't bad.

Scott Keele is teaching James in the mornings at the school and Jerry Lundy (who is feeling much better!) is teaching I and II Peter in the afternoons.

John Ward and Alex Mills from the North Heights congregation in Batesville, AR will be getting in tomorrow and we look forward to showing them around Cambodia.

Much love,

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Baby Jack and Happenings in Cambodia

 Just a week after our church camp, I (Ronda) was able to go to the US for our grandson's, Jack Loren Maynard birth.    We are extremely grateful to God for His blessing of this sweet little one.  And although Jack took his sweet time getting out to see us, he is healthy.  He weighed 8 lbs 14 oz and 21 inches long at birth.  Rebekah (and Evan) are doing well.

 That also meant that I got to be in the US for Thanksgiving with all my kids and grandkids.  We skyped Rich a few times so he could talk to everyone while we were together.  It is always a wonderful time when we get to spend time with our kids.

2 days before I left the US, Rich's dad died.  Rebekah, Jack and I were able to make a quick run to Midland, TX for a few hours to be with family before returning to Plano to prepare to leave.
While I was in the US, Rich was here in Cambodia working.  He finished up teaching Matthew to our students.

Also, for those of you who have been with us for our 10 years here, you might remember Tawn, Rich's coworker who died 7 years ago at the age of 33.  His widow, Navy, got married on Dec 9th to one of our graduates, Khemrin.  Please keep them in your prayers that their marriage and lives be God-filled and a glory to Him and those around them.

After completing the book of Matthew, they took 2 days for evangelism in the villages. Then, Rich started teaching on the Christian Family.  He will complete that class next week.

We are looking forward to the arrival of Scott Keele and Jerry Lundy from Broken Arrow, OK.  They will be teaching for a couple weeks on James and I & II Peter.  The will arrive on Jan. 6th.

Also coming are John Ward and Alex Mills from Batesville, AR.  They will get here on Jan 10th.  Rich plans to take them to several of the villages where we have graduates from the school working with their congregations.  We are excited to show them Cambodia.  They will be with us until Jan 25th.

Please keep us, the school, and the souls of Cambodia in your prayers.  Please pray that the Lord guide us to those who will be the leaders in the church in Cambodia in future; to prepare them to stand strong in the Lord.  And please keep Rich's family in your prayers as they begin with lives without Richard.

Much love,

Sunday, November 5, 2017

4th Country Wide Church Camp was wonderful!

Our country-wide, all ages church camp was November 2-5th.  We were at a new place this year - no ocean, but nice country area with good facility.  There were 164 people that came this year, the largest so far.  The theme was United in Christ - Ephesians 4:1-6.

We ate together. 

We played together.

We enjoyed seeing brothers and sisters that we don't get to see very often from other parts of the country; and enjoyed meeting new brothers and sisters in Christ.

We had teams that we worked together with and competed against other teams with.  Here is my(Ronda) team... and it was the best!!
But most importantly, we worshipped our God together.  It is so encouraging for Christians who are few and spread apart, to get to come together and join together.

We sang together.
We prayed together.
We listened to wonderful lessons on Ephesians 4:1-6

 Rich started off the first evening with an overview of Ephesians.  He talked about Chapters 1-3 of Ephesians being about what God has done for us.  Then Chapters 4-6 is our response to that. 
 It is always great to get to see some of our graduates from CBI and get to listen to them as they preach, teach, lead songs and prayers. 
We also rejoiced with a new brother in Christ who comes from Siem Reap.
All in all, we had a terrific camp!!!