Wonderful trip to the US

We had a great trip to the US last month.  We were able to see so many of you, and that is such an encouragement to us!

We started in Plano, TX, with Rebekah, Evan and Jack.  (By the way, I have TONS more pictures, but am trying to keep it down)

We also met up with college friends one evening.
 Then we went to Richmond, VA to see Reuben and Emily, Ezra and Micah.  Randall is training in Virginia now, so we got to meet up with him 3 times while we were there.

This is Father's Day.
 From Virginia, we went to Collinsville, OK to see the rest of Randall's family, Kassie, Kenley and Ryah.

We took Kenley and Ryah on a road trip to Batesville, Arkansas and was able to spend a couple days there.
We enjoyed so much being able to see many of you at North Heights and appreciate the Rumans for putting up with all of us.

 When we got back to the Tulsa area, we spent time again in Collinsville and trying to help Kassie get ready to move.

We met with our sweet brothers and sisters in Broke…

We made it!! And other odds and ends

We have electricity!  We went 2 months with the electricity out either for 3 hours in the morning or 5 hours in the afternoon (every other day), with the exception of weekends and holidays. 

This is our hottest time of year.  It isn't the hottest hot season we have had but every day was somewhere around 109-111 F heat index.  When you live near the equator, the sun is very direct; it feels much hotter than 110 in the US.

We also had about a week of very little water.  However we have had some rains and for the last week, we have had electricity all the time.  The heat index is still high - 109 F right now, but since we have had a couple rains, it knocked the temperatures down for a day or two.  We haven't had rain in a couple days, so we hope we have more soon.

What does all that have to do with this picture?  Nothing!  This is Nakhin, daughter of Navy and Khermin.  She was born April 26th.  As you may remember, Navy was the wife of Tawn, our coworker when we first came to C…

Thai Camp Chaam

We have been going every other year to the Christian church camp in Thailand, for the last several years.  There are usually between 400-500 Christians that come from all over the country.  It is a great time for us to get to see our Thai Christian friends.

This year, the camp was from April 12 - 16.  The theme was "The Power of Praise".
 The first day of camp was also Songkran Day, which is a nation wide water fight.  It is great fun!

During this time, they also have all the old people (us!), those over 50 sit and the younger ones all come and pour water that has powder in it and bless us and we in turn, say a blessing to them.  (Rich has forgotten about this and was trying had to keep his black pants somewhat free of powder.  It didn't work.)
 Rich taught the adult men's classes and I taught the adult women.  We taught 3 classes.

This is a picture of some of the ladies in my class before we started.
This is a picture of the whole group.  As always, the singing is …

Jerry Lundy Visits

Jerry Lundy made his 3rd trip to Cambodia.  For those of you that don't know him, he is a friend of ours from Broken Arrow and is now one of the elders at the Broken Arrow Church of Christ. 

We enjoyed the time we got to visit and catch up on many of our friends.  As the power is getting cut off at the house 3-5 hours everyday (rotating mornings one day, afternoons the next day), we decided to take a break and "run over" to Thailand.  Jerry had never been to Thailand, so he treated us to a trip.  We only had one weekend, so we didn't have a lot of time, but I think he enjoyed it.
Jerry taught Galatians at the school.  He also managed to get in a little soccer time with our students and kids from the BEST Center.
He had come in January before, which is also our coolest time.  This is our hot season.  However, we had a pretty mild start to our hot season, so it was several degrees cooler than it is now. 
Last night at 9pm, the heat index was 105.  When there is no pow…

Thai Christians Came to Encourage

On Sunday, March 17th, we had a group of 21 Thai Christians from the Soi Somprasong 4 congregation in Bangkok come and worship with us. First we worshipped with the Phnom Penh Church.
 The singing was great!  Bhee, one of the ministers there, brought the lesson.  It was such an encouragement to the Christians here.  They also prepared 4 songs that they sang for us (in English and Thai).
  Afterward, we had a wonderful lunch.  Then we took them to the school, CBI, as they would be staying there Sunday night.
In the afternoon, at the BEST Center, we divided both the Khmers and Thais up in groups to talk about their conversions, what led them to God, and their walk with God.  Amazingly, the language barrier was pretty easily overcome and there was a lot of good discussion.

At 4pm, we all met with the University congregation.  Again, it was such an encouragement to have this group with us to unite in song and worship to our Almighty God.

This is a picture of the entire group after servi…

February and March - Redo

I will try another way to post pictures since some of you said you can't see the pictures. A quick picture of some of our books (translated into Khmer) at the Peace Book Store.  This set is on the ACTS of the Apostles.

The end of February, CBI hosted a Communication Seminar (called the Listening Lab).  Rick Northern came to lead this.  He and his wife, Gail, ran the Ship of Life for 5 years.  They had not been back to Cambodia since 2010. It was great to have them and to host them at our house.  We had about 40 attend the seminar (6 hours a day for 2 day).  Some could not stay the entire time. But, many skills were gained and good was done. In some of these pictures, you can see the interactive nature of this seminar. It was great!!! 

Sophannmai, Matthew and Linna working on listening

Rick Northern teaching the group, with Veasna translating into Khmer.   (Veasna made all the slides in the Khmer language.  What a chore, but what a help that was!!).