Sokun and Soklee

This note was in an email that Rich sent to some of you.  I thought I would share it on the blog.
Background:   I was just talking with Sokun (2011 CBI Grad) because we're going to sell the old CBI van to him.  Sokun has been in his village teaching and preaching for 9 years.  His co-worker is Soklee (2010 CBI Grad).  Sokun used the vocational money CBI gave when he graduated to buy 2 pigs. He would breed them and then sell the piglets. This helped support him.  Later, he sold the pigs and bought cows. The cows were bred and also rented out to work in the fields. This also helped support him.  Now, he has sold the cows and is going to buy the old CBI van (at a discounted price).  He will use the van to help take the Christians to the hospital, gather for worship, etc.. 
Sokun has become a real leader in his village. In the past, his father was the village chief (read Mayor).  Sokun has developed a lending co-op and a rice co-op at greatly reduced prices. This helps all in his vil…

How are all of you?

I am writing from Richmond, Virginia.   After much talking, thinking, praying, looking at pros and cons, we decided that I would come back to the US.  Our kids were concerned, especially with my cancer a year ago, about the healthcare in Cambodia for this virus.

We do have a good hospital that is a branch from Bangkok Hospital in Thailand, but we confirmed with the hospital that the government is not allowing them to do testing or receive patients from this virus.  Everyone in Phnom Penh has to go to the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital.  I told you before that this really isn't a place we want to be. Thailand has basically closed off its borders so going there isn't available.

I flew out of Phnom Penh on Monday night, flying through Korea, Atlanta and then to Richmond.  My flight from Phnom Penh to Seoul was pretty full.  Probably 2 people for every 3 seats.  The next 2 flights weren't full.  It was a bit strange to go from Asia, where most of the people are wearing mask…

Update from us.

Hi!  We just wanted to let you know that we are doing well.  Like you, we are trying to limit our time outside and around people.  When you live in a city of 4 million people, that is a bit difficult. 

For the most part, we are staying in the house.  We do go out and walk for exercise (usually in the early mornings or evenings), and to the grocery store.  The American embassy requested that we not go to the local markets.  As I told you in the last blog, the Khmers go to the market every morning for that day's food.  For the most part, they don't have refrigerators, so all of their food is fresh.  I did go to the market a couple days ago, but I went in the afternoon when I knew that there wouldn't be hardly anyone there.  I was glad to see my favorite vegetable seller.  She sits near one of the entrances to the market, so I didn't have to go down into the market very far.

The US Embassy gives us daily updates.  They are a little hard to decipher because they start out…

Wow! Life has changed!

This corona virus is having an impact everywhere.  May we all glorify God through this experience.

Before talking about that, I did want to let you know that we had another Women's Night on Monday, March 16th (before any bans here).  We continued to work on Bible school material for children's classes.  We had about 25 ladies there.  And, I forgot to take pictures.

Tuesday, the 17th, was the last day at CBI.  The government originally only shut down the 1st - 12th and preschools.  But then, in another couple days, we were told to shut all schools down.  We also have a ban on religious gatherings. 

Currently, the powers-that-be are blaming Caucasians for the virus here.  No matter that the first case here was a Chinese man.  A lot of what are being reported are tourists and Khmers (Cambodians) that are with them (like tour guides).  There are 12 cases of Khmer Muslims that went to Malaysia for a religious meeting of about 16,000 and they came back with it.  Today, Rich said th…

March is already here!

Hello!  First I need to wrap up our February.
As you know from the last blog, my parents, Loren and Penny Hollingsworth were here.  Try translated for Dad both at the school and at the BEST Center.  This is a picture of Dad preaching at the University Church of Christ services one Sunday and Veasna is translating for him.
 They flew back to Thailand on February 29th.  The plan is that they will leave to go back to the US on March 20th.  However, their flights have been cancelled as they were flying through South Korea, who has a number of people infected with the corona virus(most flights through Seoul have been suspended).  Dad is currently teaching Philippians in Chiang Mai.  They are looking for different flights to get them back as they both have doctors' appointments on Monday, the 23rd.  Please keep them in your prayers.  We think that they will be able (at this time anyway) to fly on EVA through Taiwan.

Rich was teaching chapel one day this week and Nahkin decided to help…

Enjoying our Guests!

I have been trying to blog for about a week now, but couldn't get my pictures to load off my phone.  So, finally, it worked!

My parents, Loren and Penny Hollingsworth are here.  They come every year for the month of February.  This is their 14th year to come; they came a year before we did.  Dad is teaching I Corinthians at CBI this year.  He is also teaching the book of Hebrews on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights for this month.

Our niece, Sierra Hollingsworth and 2 of her friends came on Feb. 4th.
 They all are nurses at the Mayo Clinic.  They flew out last night.  We enjoyed their visit very much.

These first 2 pictures are of Rabbit Island.  My sister, Julie, and I took Sierra, Ashley, and Emily along with Tom and Helen Norris (for you BA people, Eric Norris' parents) for a quick 2 days trip. 
The beach is always a good place to be!
 This is a picture of Sierra, Emily and Ashley.  Sierra and her sister, Asia, came to Cambodia about 7 years ago, so it was Sierra'…

A lot going on.

Since I wrote last, we have been busy with many different things, on top of the regular day to day things.

During this 2 weeks between Jerry Lundy leaving and Dad coming, Rich is teaching the newer 13 students a course on Old Testament Survey.  Then, in the afternoons, he was teaching the 3 older kids the last part of Jeremiah (that he started before Jerry came) and now is teaching New Testament Greek.

Of course, he also continues to teach the lesson a couple times a week during chapel and preaches or teaches several times a month at either of the two congregations that we attend.  This picture is of some of the group eating during a fellowship meal at the University Church of Christ. 
This is just a picture I took because I thought some of you might be interested.  This is the back side of the post office.  Don't you love our electrical system?

On the 15th, Rich and I along with my sister, Julie went to the US Embassy for a Town Hall Meeting with the new ambassador.  He started…